NEW!!! Just in time for this season and this time of the year when wash day is more important. Indulge in our Honey & Lavender Shampoo Bars as you wash your hair. 


Grapeseed oil complements this Shampoo bar to moisturize your hair and cleanse. This lightweight oil does not weigh your hair down and adds an extra shine. Also known to loosen dandruff and buildup at the scalp. 


Follow up with our Twist & Loc Souffle to style hair. 

Honey & Lavender Shampoo Bar

  • Drench hair under water and allow hair to be fully saturated. Grab your shampoo bar from the box and rub into scalp using circular motions, being careful as to not cause damage and tangles.

    Once soap is lathered onto scalp, massage into scalp and drag along length of hair.  Rinse hair and repeat. 

    Note: It is not our recommendation that you shampoo your hair more than two times, so as to not strip your scalp of needed moisture, as well as your hair. 

  • Honey Soap Base, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Flowers.