Ya Hair is Dryyy Sis๐Ÿ˜’! Let Me Help You๐Ÿ˜ฉ!

Have you ever tried to moisturize your hair and then the next day it felt like you sat outside in the middle of the desert, DRY honey! I mean dry as the Sahara desert, dry as a Popeye's biscuit, dry as your knees in the winter!

Now you have dry hair and dry knees well chile, you just ashy! But on a serious note, I would love to talk about why your hair is dry and every time you put a comb through it, it sounds like you're biting an apple ๐Ÿ‘€.

What is the Cause/Problem?

Kinky, coily, curly hair is prone to be drier than straight hair because of the sebum that your scalp naturally produces is not able to coat your hair strands as it would with straight hair. Have you ever noticed when you straighten your hair, that after a week of wearing it straight your hair is super oily? This is SEBUM, my curly friend. Take your hand and massage your scalp, the "residue" that is now on your hair strands is a fatty oil called SEBUM! Jesus' put that there to provide moisture

Everyone produces sebum but some of us, it is harder to see because our coils are tighter than others. Due to our kinky, coily, or curly strands, we have to use products that will help moisturize our precious strands so that it does not lead to breakage, single strand knots, lack of length retention, and stopping the production of healthy hair. Our ultimate goal is to have HEALTHY hair, have LENGTH retention, and to have MOISTURIZED strands. You know those pieces of hair on your pillow that you're laying on that does not have a silk pillowcase on it, and you feel those little bumps? Those are single strand knots, but that's for another blog!

Okay, okay Zaire can you stop talking about me and tell me what I have to do to get my hair HEALTHY? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Of course!

The Solution:

So there is a system that has been created to show us how to moisturize our hair properly. There are two versions of it depending on YOUR hair type and how your hair responds to product distribution. This system has been created to build layers of MOISTURE into the hair because when you build layers of moisture in the hair, you have long-lasting moisture that does not lead to breakage, shedding, split ends, single strand knots, and a list of other natural hair headaches.

First Method: LOC Method

This acronym stands for LIQUID, OIL, CREAM! Boom, that's it!

Liquid: this can be anything from plain water, aloe vera juice, your favorite leave-in, Jesus' spit, any form of liquid that will MOISTURIZE your strands. The keyword here is MOISTURE because that is what we are building.

Oil: the second layer is oil. Our Hydrating Hair Growth Oil is perfect for this step, because not only does our oil hydrate but it also seals in the MOISTURE that was imparted into the hair strands with the previous step. Our oil provides shine, hair growth, moisture, plus more!

Cream: this is the final layer. Our Twist & Loc Souffle is that product, honey! Tuh, this is one of my favorites and it makes my hair feel blessed! " we're blessed in the city, we're blessed fields. We're blessed when we come and when we go." This product not only provides MOISTURE for your hair due to the Shea Butter in it but there's Aloe Vera Juice included which

* prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair*

Second Method: LCO Method

This process is the same as above except instead of placing your oil second, it is last. Check out the video below that shows you how to do the LCO Method with our Twist & Loc Souffle, and our Hydrating Hair Growth Oil.

Now that you have recognized your hair dry, and you want to solve your hair issues, we have the perfect bundle for you.

โœจShop our 2-in-1 bundle deal today! You get our Twist & Loc Souffle, and our Hydrating Hair Growth Oil for $22.95! That's a steal y'all honestly!โœจ


God bless you!

Zaire Colston, CEO

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