3 Reasons Your Natural Hair Will Not Grow!

So you have been natural for a minute now and you see other naturals with hair down to their feet, but yours has not grown at all it seems. You're frustrated, annoyed, about to cut it off again, or you are throwing a wig on it. Well sis, before you go beast mode on your hair, maybe there's something missing from your routine. These 3 tips I'm giving you will change your natural hair game and you will see a difference in your hair once these changes are made.

1. No Routine!

You do not have a routine for anything you do. You wash it every now and then, you may give yourself a few deep conditions, you may tie it up at night, you might trim your ends. Sis, we're about to enter 2021 and you are still looking crusty and like nobody loves you. YOU NEED A ROUTINE!

Girl, why do I need a routine? I mean can't I just throw my hair up and call it a day.

Sis, you surely could but how foolish will you look. Creating a routine for your natural hair allows for you to establish a hair schedule. Creating a hair schedule produces healthy hair. Healthy hair leads to length retention. Length retention leads to hair growth. Do you see what I'm saying?

The same way that you set a schedule for your work life, you have to do the same for your hair in order to see the results that you want to see. I mean do you just jump out of bed and head to work (I know most people are working from home in the midst of this pandemic, but before we were). The answer should be: NO! You generally shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, put your clothes on, spray perfume, grab your coffee/tea, eat some breakfast, DO YOUR HAIR, etc. This is your morning routine!!

Example Hair Routine:

Wash & Deep Condition: Every 2 weeks

Protective Style: Every 2-3 months

Trim: Every 3-4 months

2. Too Much Manipulation


Yes, I am yelling! Yes, I'm talking to you! Yes, you're the problem. #fightyamammy

Sis, please stop getting your hair done and then taking it out in 3 days because you do not like it. If you did not like it the first day, you should have told your stylist and either had her fix it or switch the style. I get it, there are 50 million hairstyles and you want to try them all. BUT STOP.

When you switch styles often, your hair becomes more damaged. Natural hair is delicate and you have to be gentle with it. The tension, styling, parting, pulling, adding hair, braiding down is placing tension onto the scalp and the hair follicle is stressed. Please sis, 2020 has already caused enough stress on your body and you don't need to be another additive to the equation. Take a break and allow your protective style to be just that.... PROTECTIVE!

Choose a style and stick with that style for 3-4 months if you can. Give your hair a break, then choose another style. Generally, I know it's time for another style when I want to cut my hair off and I am tired of doing it.

3. You are using the WRONG products!

We've all been there, you are newly natural and you do not know what to do with your hair. So you get on YouTube and you see all these naturalistas trying 20 million products every wash day, and now you feel compelled to purchase every product that you see. Whew Chile! Take a deep breath and please do not do that. You want to make sure that you do your research on your hair, its density, porosity, and what your hair type is.

Before purchasing products, PLEASE READ THE INGREDIENTS. Reading is fundamental and vital to the growth and health of your hair. If you are using a product that is full of chemicals, how can you achieve proper hair growth and retention. This is not wise nor is it a good investment for your hair.

If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, you probably should not place it into your hair. Also, your hair is one big pore. Whatever you place into your hair is being absorbed into your body and will eventually end up in your bloodstream. There have been many people who have gotten allergic reactions from their hair products.

I highly recommend that you try my Twist & Loc Souffle. This souffle is going to hydrate your hair, provide your styles with definition, moisturize and revive dry strands, plus more. All of the ingredients are organic and its homemade. This product is perfect for natural girls who have thick hair, need a product that is going to deeply moisturize their hair, and it will give them long lasting definition. It's light but it deeply moisturizes.

This product is our Hydrating Hair Growth Oil and this is our top selling item. This product is HEALING scalps, RESTORING life into hair, and it is growing hair. This Hydrating Hair Growth Oil is what made my hair grow from a fade to my curls today.

Now that you know better, apply this information, DO BETTER!

Shop these products today and grab my 2-in-1 bundle deal while supplies last.

God Bless!

- Zaire C.

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