behind the name

How did you get Tree of Life? What is a Tree of Life? 

Behind the Name: 

Psalm 1:3   Jeremiah 17:8    John 15 

You may see these scriptures on our packaging and wonder why they are there! We encourage you to look them up and seek God about them. 


Tree of Life Hair Care is the name that God gave me in prayer! Our name was originally Curls by Z, which I believe the Lord gave a friend of mine to START the business, but that was not the name that was solidified. 


Why though sis? 


PURPOSE. This is where Tree of Life Hair Care, LLC is birthed from. This is what God has created me to do, and no matter how long I ran from it, God brought me right back to it. This is bigger than me, but ultimately my desire is generational wealth for my children, and the infinite generations birthed from me. This is deeper than hair but into your identity as a creation shaped and formed in the image and likeness of God. 


Fun fact: Did you know that your hair is your glory? Check 1 Corinthians 11:15! ✨ 


God took his time when he created you and he did not create you by mistake. Every complex thing about you (including your curl pattern) were created with purpose, and on purpose! Your hair, whether 3a or 4z is BEAUTIFUL! God took his time to shape and create the intricate details of you. He loves you and wants you to know that you are beautiful because you’re created in his image! 


We use high-quality ingredients because we desire to offer you the best of the best! You are worth it! You are high-quality because Jesus paid the ultimate price when he sacrificed his life for you on the cross, so why wouldn’t you be worth high-quality ingredients! It’s easy to give you convenience, but would you rather have quantity or QUALITY! ✨ #knowyourworththenaddtax  

Fun Facts About Trees: