A story of freshness

CEO Zaire C.

Meet the CEO

Tree of Life Hair Care is a Christian natural Hair Care brand that uses high-quality organic ingredients to restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate dry & damaged hair and scalp back to LIFE! 

A little bit about me! Hello, I'm Zaire! Born & raised in Seattle, WA (shoutout to the Pacific Northwest), youngest of 2 girls. I am a graduate of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. My passion for hair was ignited at age 8, I would watch as my mom would get her hair done. Soon imitating what I saw, I began braiding hair at 13. My mom relaxed my natural hair for the first time, in 7th grade after I begged her for a relaxer. Throughout my relaxed hair journey, I did not see many girls who wore their natural hair at school. 

My passion for hair grew over the years and during my 10th-grade year in high school is where my #naturalhairjourney began. Braids, twist outs, braid-outs, Bantu knots were my favorite. As I transitioned from relaxed to natural, I would cut my hair (yes, CUT chile) and put it into braids because I didn't know what to do with it. 

Although I was one of the first black girls in my school to wear their natural hair in its natural state, I was determined to not go back to the #creamycrack. This passion continued to burn while in college and God called me to start this business. While attending CAU, I would do natural hair on the side for money, and everyone who knew me knew I LOVED natural hair. I would retwist locs, straighten hair, do box braids, perm rod sets, twist outs, braid downs for sew-ins. I am super excited that you have shopped with me and I am all the more excited to bless your scalp & soul as well.